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5 Signs That You Have a Technology Addiction

5 Signs That You Have a Technology Addiction 1) At the dinner table, you can’t eat without looking at a screen 2) The first thing you do in the morning before even talking to someone is picking up your device. 3) People have complained to you, more than once, that you aren’t listening to them … Read more

Leverage Spring Fever Activities for Mental Health

Spring is here and with it brings a desire to get outside and participate in the sunshine! So take advantage of those spring fever activities and enjoy a better perspective on life. Don’t squash that inward cue to get out there and breathe it in. Listen to it and find something to do. If you … Read more

Interview with a Therapist: Mission to Africa

Roswell Therapist Steven D Brand LSW, MSW recently took a trip to Africa this past March 2016. Steve’s mission was to share with the people in several churches of Africa, various tools that could strengthen their relationships and individual mental health. 1) Why did you take the trip? What were you hoping to accomplish? To … Read more

Dealing with Toxic People-Part 2

If you supervise a difficult or toxic person, you know it holds a particular set of challenges. You are probably trying to walk the line between firmness and friendliness in your management and a challenging personality can easily knock your style off-kilter. Last month, we discussed suggestions for how to deal with a grumpy or … Read more

How to Handle a Difficult Employee – Part 1

Every workplace has them. When I say “difficult coworker,” I bet a person immediately comes to mind. (If not… that difficult person may be you!) In this two part blog series, I will discuss different strategies for both employees and managers to handle toxic, negative, and irritable people. Next month, I’ll focus on managing a … Read more

Is Mindfulness For Real Or a New Buzzword?

“Mindfulness” seems to be a buzzword in the media lately. It is given credit for everything from weight loss to stress reduction. It is the subject of numerous studies, including one released this month that indicates mindfulness has a positive effect on physical health. So, what is it? It is simply the idea of observing … Read more

How to Thrive through the Holiday Season

How to Thrive through the Holiday Season ‘Tis the season of holiday cheer… but for some people it can also be a difficult season. If you suffer from the winter blues between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, a few tweaks to your routine can help you thrive, not just survive this year. Stay Active and … Read more

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes Can Blindside Us

Autumn is approaching. With that there is one guarantee: Change. Your first child could be starting Kindergarten or your last one could be going off to college. You may be beginning a new job, going through a tough phase of life or just preparing for the rhythm of shorter days. When we are not prepared … Read more

Marriage Resources from Steve Brand

Marriage Resources from Steven Brand If you have been married for very long, chances are you have faced a marital crisis of some sort. Sometimes they are big events, sometimes silent misunderstandings or missed expectations. Even if you have not experienced crisis, you probably still see opportunities for improvement. A good marriage is a process … Read more