What is Wilderness Coaching?

In past blogs, I have talked briefly about my being The Wilderness Coach. I want to tell you more about what that means and how it could help you, your family and your career.

Have you ever taken a trip to a cabin in the mountains or a hike in the woods and afterwards felt rejuvenated, recharged and ready to go again? I sure have! Out of this rejuvenation I would feel after hikes in the mountains, the idea of Life Strategy Expeditions was born and I soon became the “The Wilderness Coach.”

Wilderness Coaching with Steven D. Brand

There’s something peaceful, powerful and serene about scenery like this alpine lake. This is a picture from one of the Adventure Travel Coaching treks I took clients on and it was an amazing, life-changing experience for everyone involved. A Life Strategy Expedition combines outdoor adventure and executive coaching on an invigorating experiential journey where you unplug from the stress produced by being too connected with all the information and gadgetry of modern life .

To simplify in three words we go in/out/up……INWARD by doing some courageous self-exploration using a personal, yet scientific online assessment, OUTWARD into the Great Outdoors where vigorous exercise, fresh air and epic scenery crystallize our passions and dreams, and UPWARD to a new level in personal achievement, quality of your relationships and a rewarding new career trajectory.

On our expedition, we will take in breathtaking scenery, experience solitude that we can’t get in our every day life, rigorous exercise and through it all, I will be there to lead and guide you to help you to utilize the creative and rejuvenating power of nature to connect with your truest self. We will work together to help you realize your personal “highest and best use.”

The goals of the Life Strategy Expedition are wrapped up in what I call the 5 E’s:

    breath-taking scenery, vigorous exercise, clean air, excellent cuisine and the exhilarating power of the outdoors.
    your lifestyle and reorganize your priorities by living in an intentional manner, according to your cherished values.
    life-changing decisions that will alter the course of your future from a one-dimensional focus to a multi-dimensional, balanced success.
    your significant relationships and enhance your life with a new career trajectory.
    a redefined routine prepared to overcome the obstacles that erode your priorities.

If you are feeling the need to regroup, reevaluate and/or reexamine your life, wilderness coaching with Steven would be a great opportunity for you. By combining the natural outdoor beauty, the endorphins of vigorous exercise and the seasoned counsel of The Wilderness Coach™ you will be able to listen to your inner voice, capture creative thoughts and plan a more intentional, balanced future.

Call Steven at 770-641-8726 if you want to learn more about wilderness coaching. Put your Adventure Travel Coaching expedition on the calendar today. Get all the details at http://www.thewildernesscoach.com/index.php.