Caring for Your Mental Health in 2021

Increased isolation, increased loneliness, decreased in person social interactions, a complete 180 shift in routines, strict/moderate quarantine rules, increased boredom, lack of physical movement (driving to the office, getting coffee, etc) and finally fear over everything, fear over that every social interaction could have consequences.  Sadly, the list just keeps going.  As the one-year anniversary … Read more

How to Cope with Stress from Covid-19

Pandemics like the one we are currently going through from the novel coronavirus, are stressful. Thousands of people have lost their lives, millions have gotten sick, and that’s just from the illness itself. The pandemic has harmed millions more people indirectly, through job losses, isolation, and food insecurity. “We are facing a national trauma, whether … Read more

4 Ways to Have a Deep and Intimate Christmas with Family This Year

It happens every Christmas. The 25th rolls up and there you are on Christmas Day, disappointed. Quietly watching everyone hurriedly unwrap a gift and then moving on quickly to the next one, barely taking a breath. Guilt washes over you as you silently think, “Oh, I forgot to get that done”. “Oops, Christmas is now … Read more

Loneliness and Technology

While some seem to prefer a little isolation, it’s actually not good for you! Loneliness Linked to Health Concerns Loneliness has been linked to dozens of different health concerns, from heart problems to lowered immunity, to diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Did you know that lonely people have an immune system that works differently from people … Read more

Can’t Control Your Emotions?

4 Ways Neuroscience Can Help You Regain Control Our brains are complex organs. Within it are all our thoughts, emotions, and worries. Yet even though we like to think of ourselves in control, sometimes our emotions get the better of us and we react without thinking. If you have ever found yourself struggling with emotion, … Read more

Beat Holiday Stress

Why the Holidays Stir Such Deep and Troubling Emotions The holidays are a magical time of year. It is a time for family and friends to get together, and spend time simply appreciating the fact that these special people are in their lives. For most people, the holiday season is something they look forward to … Read more

Opioid Crisis Triangle of Roswell, Alpharetta and Marietta

  Facts about the Opioid Problem in Atlanta If you haven’t heard about the heroin and opioid crisis in your subdivision or neighborhood yet, then consider yourself lucky. It’s everywhere and it’s spreading. In 2015, heroin and opioid drugs killed more people in counties inside ‘The Triangle’ than murders and car accidents combined in 2015. … Read more

Insomnia and Depression: The Chicken or The Egg?

Which came first? The insomnia or the depression? There has now been an established link between insomnia and depression! A comorbidity between not sleeping and mental issues. Recent evidence suggests that people with insomnia have a ten-fold risk of developing depression compared with those who sleep well. In other words, there is a close relationship … Read more

Does Love Last by Roswell Marriage Counselor Steve Brand

Does Love Last? Working as a national and local marriage counselor in Roswell, I get a lot of clients who ask this very question: “Can we save our love? Does love last?” The first thing we do before going any further is to seek to understand what they believe love is. Let’s make sure both … Read more