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Are You Worth It Today?

Written by Steven Brand on . Posted in Blog, Roswell Therapist

Have you considered your worth lately?

Our worth is not based on what we do, which life path we choose, or what we believe. Our worth is inherent in the fact that we are image bearers of the living God. Our worth is based on the fact that we are alive. We are human beings. Our worth is immeasurable.

Do you believe this?

Where do people tend to get their self worth today?

Jon Acuff, NY Best Seller, said recently in Facebook Live Video, “you are enough.” Jon explained, “Sometimes we fall into this trap because we start to comparing what we are doing to what other people are doing. You see the internet is really fascinating, we’ve always struggled with the idea that that the grass is greener is on the other side of the fence. But now because of social media we have access to 10 million backyards, we have a lot of fences we can look over at and go ‘wow their life is perfect, mine isn’t’”.

Consider who holds your measuring stick.

Is it your social circle?

Is it your workplace peers?

Is it your friends at church?

Your neighbors?

Your spouse?

Your children?

Letting others decide our value may feel rewarding in the short term. But what happens when we disappoint them (trust me that day will come)? What happens when someone or thing catches their attention and they no longer hold us up as a hero. Are we somehow of lesser value?

This is the dangerous path we can walk on when we allow ourselves to defined by others instead of by God.

Comparison is the stealer of joy.

The slippery slope is then we find other ways to feel good when we don’t have that status and this sadly is how we find ourselves filling our emptiness with “things” like alcohol, drugs, shopping, binge watching or “martyrdom”. Yes we can even look for fulfillment in ‘feeling needed’ by others, which in some cases becomes codependence.

The real answer is within us. It is something we have carried since we ourselves were in the womb. And that is that God has given us value. To God we are his children; with all our faults he loves us still.

For 2016, I am encouraging my clients to internalize positive affirmations.

Start feeling better today by saying to yourself when you are driving to work, brushing your teeth or heading off to bed at night.

“I have value”

“God cares what I think”

“He loves me every second of every day”

“I am never alone”

God knew you before you were born and you are worth it.

Steven D Brand is a counselor, psychotherapist in Roswell, GA. He also travels the country and the world offering hope and direction with his retreat weekends focusing on Marriage and other tough subjects. He is accepting new clients in his office, call for an appointment 770-641-8726.

We Rise By Lifting Others Up and the Science of Happiness

Written by Steven Brand on . Posted in Blog, Executive Life Coaching, Life Coaching Atlanta, Roswell Therapist

We rise by

We Rise By Lifting Others Up and the Science of Happiness

Did you know giving is good for you?

A 2006 study by J. Moll at the National Institute for Health found that when people give to charities it lights up the brain in regions associated with pleasure, creating a “warm glow” effect.

We have known for quite a while that exercising is good for you and creates positive chemical changes in the brain. It’s encouraging to have hard data that altruistic behavior also has a similar effect. The old adage of helping others and you help yourself is scientific truth!

People can find happiness and STAY happy if they create the right mental playing field. It has become a goal of mine in my practice of helping others to achieve this state. Helping others can be one way to get there. We all have our gifts. If you use your talents to help others you would be surprised at all the benefits you get back.

Conversely being in a state of negativity begets more negativity
Neural pathways are created and then strengthened by repetition; emotionally the result is an inclination of our resting mental state.

Author of Psych Pedia, Steven Parton explains how these closer synapses result in a generally more pessimistic outlook: “Through repetition of thought, you’ve brought the pair of synapses that represent your [negative] proclivities closer and closer together, and when the moment arises for you to form a thought…the thought that wins is the one that has less distance to travel, the one that will create a bridge between synapses fastest.” Gloom soon outraces positivity.

Anger, in a way can become a sickness, a brooding, a drug of the mind. I encourage my clients to work at reducing their anger and negativity. The more you work at it, the more happy thoughts you have, naturally.

“Life is Painful, Suffering is Optional”

We all have our devastating challenges, death, divorce, separations, diseases, and addictions; being human we are all subjected to such events. However the mind is a powerful tool that we can use for own good.

There is joy in lifting others up. I encourage you to think deeply on this. When you are open to helping others I have seen time and time again, providently provided, the right tool for the right job suddenly at your disposal.

Currently I am on trips to serve in Africa and Virginia. Traveling is naturally tiring in some respects, but it fuels me up as I am encouraged seeing others experience growth.

So for today, I encourage you think about what you could do to help others. And then go ahead and do it.

Steve Brand, LCSW, ACSW, MSW/MPH, PC
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