Steven D. Brand — LCSW, ACSW, MSW/MPH, PC

Psychotherapist, Success Coach, and Marriage Counselor

Steven D. Brand is the therapist Roswell GA calls first.

The Therapist Roswell, Georgia Calls First

Expertise Across Life’s Spectrum

Steven D. Brand is a seasoned Psychotherapist, Professional Coach, and Marriage Crisis Counselor in Roswell, Georgia with over 40 years of experience in leading, coaching, mentoring, and counseling individuals, couples, and families to be their personal best.

Four Decades of Dedication

His time as a psychotherapist, campus minister, and professional coach (he’s also known as The Wilderness Coach) has refined Steve’s listening skills and leadership style to meet unique individual needs. Drawing on this background, he guides, advises and directs clients on their psychological, experiential, emotional, intellectual or spiritual journeys.

Esteemed Credentials & Unwavering Commitment

  • Earned Dual Master’s Degrees at Boston University
  • 40+ years of experience in helping people (over 30 years in psychotherapy and over 15 years as The Wilderness Coach and an Executive Success Coach)
  • Opened his psychotherapy practice in Cambridge, MA, in 1996 and in Roswell, GA in 1999
  • 35,000+ clinical hours of psychotherapy
  • A public speaker and workshop presenter locally, nationally and internationally

A Philosophy of Authenticity: The Truth Will Set You Free

“In our therapy sessions, I work from the premise that ‘the truth will set you free.’ I believe that discovering truths in yourself, your marriage, family or career will help you to overcome major hurdles and work toward healing and growth. Learn more about how I can help you. Don’t wait – make the call now.” — Steven D. Brand, Therapist, Roswell, GA

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Steven D. Brand — The Therapist Roswell GA Calls First