Marital Crisis Coaching

IS YOUR relationship Stressing You Out? IS YOUR MARRIAGE IN CRISIS?

If ever there was a time for marriage or marital crisis coaching, it’s now. Your marriage can recover from any number of issues, including communication breakdowns, trust violations, emotional disconnect, or conflicts over finances. With the right guidance, understanding, and effort, relationships can be rebuilt and even thrive. New levels of intimacy and mutual respect can be yours. Don’t let your marriage continue to break apart; take the first step toward healing and growth with Steven D. Brand.

Steven offers a guiding hand through his intensive Marital Crisis Coaching workshop. In a focused three-day, 20-hour intervention, Steven provides couples with the tools they need to navigate:

  • Extramarital affairs
  • Sexual addiction
  • Financial infidelity
  • Destructive communication patterns
  • Sexual identity confusion
  • Major health complications
  • COVID pandemic stress

Marital Crisis Coaching guides you through marital conflict without pain, fear or anger. Discover how to work through the sources of marital discord in constructive ways. Address the underlying sources contributing to your conflicts. Gain the tools to cope and resolve marital problems.

Marital crisis Coaching Explained:

Thirty-plus years of clinical experience, empathy and a non-judgemental approach are my strengths. I use my experience to shorten your learning curve. I practice marriage coaching methods that are proven to be effective. Best of all, my experience shortens your learning curve. Call me now.

– Steven D. Brand, Marital Crisis Coach

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Investing in your marriage is far better than the alternatives of living separately, splitting up the family, or a bitter and expensive divorce. Choosing a marital crisis coaching workshop is more than just a session with a marriage coach – it’s a powerful statement. It says you value unity over division, commitment over separation, and harmony over conflict.

Invest in connection. Book your marriage and marital crisis coaching workshop today and secure the bond that once was and can be again.

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