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Opioid Crisis Triangle of Roswell, Alpharetta and Marietta

  Facts about the Opioid Problem in Atlanta If you haven’t heard about the heroin and opioid crisis in your subdivision or neighborhood yet, then consider yourself lucky. It’s everywhere and it’s spreading. In 2015, heroin and opioid drugs killed more people in counties inside ‘The Triangle’ than murders and car accidents combined in 2015. … Read more

How to Succeed With Your New Year’s Resolutions

How to Succeed with your New Year’s Resolutions We all know the statistics about New Year’s Resolutions: Most people drop off of their self-improvement goals by the end of January. So, how can you be sure to hold on to your goals this year? Here are my four tips for successful goal-making – no matter … Read more

Therapy vs Coaching-What’s The Difference?

Therapy vs. Coaching-What’s the Difference? When you look at my website, you will see that I work as both a psychotherapist Roswell and an executive and wilderness coach. Although both work towards the same goal of empowering you to be a better you, the approaches are different in a few ways. Therapy Therapy is a … Read more