Therapy vs Coaching-What’s The Difference?

Therapy vs. Coaching-What’s the Difference? When you look at my website, you will see that I work as both a psychotherapist Roswell and an executive and wilderness coach. Although both work towards the same goal of empowering you to be a better you, the approaches are different in a few ways. Therapy Therapy is a … Read more

Steven Brand: Psychotherapist, Wilderness Coach and Executive Success Coach

Steve Brand: Psychotherapist, The Wilderness Coach and Executive Success Coach We all have times in our lives when we struggled to get out of a “rut”, when we need some help getting traction and achieving positive momentum. For this reason, Steve Brand decided to study social work at Boston University and start a career as a  psychotherapist, … Read more

We All Struggle

We all struggle at times.  I am a Roswell therapist because I enjoy helping people grow stronger through the struggles of life. 20 years of clinical experience, empathy and being non-judgmental are my strengths.