Steven Brand: Psychotherapist, Wilderness Coach and Executive Success Coach

Steve Brand: Psychotherapist, The Wilderness Coach and Executive Success Coach

We all have times in our lives when we struggled to get out of a “rut”, when we need some help getting traction and achieving positive momentum. For this reason, Steve Brand decided to study social work at Boston University and start a career as a  psychotherapist,  Wilderness Coach and Executive Coach.  He enjoys helping people grow stronger through whatever struggles they might be facing and does this by building a relationship that helps to speed the healing, growing and coaching  process to get you to a new, more dynamic equilibrium.

Steve has over 30 years in leading, mentoring, counseling and coaching. He opened his private psychotherapist office, Great Therapy, in Roswell, GA in 1999. He uses a blend of both cognitive and behavioral therapies and uses the fundamental premise of “the truth will set you free.”  When you visit Steve’s office, you are promised emphatic listening and the goal of working towards being your personal best. As a psychotherapist, Steve specializes in relationship issues, depression and marital therapy. Here is one of Steve’s most popular videos and a great example about the kind of therapist he is.  It is a video about dealing with in-laws in a marriage (are we surprised this is one of his most popular videos?):

We mentioned above that Steve is also The Wilderness Coach and you are probably asking yourself, “what exactly is that?”  Let’s go back to the beginning:  when Steve was young, he always enjoyed and was impassioned by being outdoors.  As life took over, his time in the wilderness of the mountains dwindled.  Later in life, he moved to Atlanta, and was inspired to get back outdoors from a colleague and rediscovered his love of the wilderness.  Not more than a year later, Steve began his private practice and decided to dedicate four days to his clients there and use his Fridays to go to the mountains.  After realizing how rejuvenated and energized he felt after these escapes to the wilderness, the idea of Life Strategy Expeditions was born.  He began to take other men on these trips to show them the rejuvenating power the outdoors could have and soon branded himself “The Wilderness Coach” and these expeditions began to have live-changing impact.  Steve now leads regular expeditions throughout the world where he provides a unique combination of outdoor adventure and success coaching through a personal retreat known as a Life Strategy Expedition. To learn more about these amazing expeditions, see his website at

Steve is based in Roswell, GA and wants to help you “Invest in yourself, your marriage and your family.”  To schedule an appointment to meet with or to talk about a Life Strategy Expedition, call him at (770) 641-8726.

Steven Brand, LCSW, MSWMPH
12 Norcross St #215
Roswell, GA  30075