Why Is Success So Difficult?

Why Is Success So Difficult?


Nothing ever comes to one that is worth having, except as a result of hard work. Booker T Washington

Success can feel elusive when we try to pin it down.

There are times when your heart speaks to you and asks, “Why are we not there yet?”

You are intelligent and have these great ideas, but why does success stump you?

Success is first and foremost not an overnight story like our 15 minutes of fame (or is it shorter these days) culture would have you believe. It takes dedication and focus. Yet, why is it so hard for us to stay on track for our dreams?

I believe success is first a mindset. A singular focus, which in the day to day can easily be tossed for the in your face decision making that has to done. Think of how many times in one day that an email, a text, a deadline, throws your whole day off track.

Here is why it is hard.

Putting your dreams in the forefront of your mind when life’s daily pressures physically feel excessive and overwhelming can be nearly impossible.

Accountability is the solution

Who is the encouraging voice in your life, helping you map the destination?

Who calls you to the carpet to put your helmet back on and get back out there?

Who reminds you of the end game when the heat is on?

Executive success coaching is a way to achieve your dreams. I meet hundreds of people every year and I am astonished at how many fantastic visions are out there. But it is as if there is a piece missing to the puzzle of success.

What is this missing piece? You have the brains, you have chutzpah, and you have the dedication but why does the ship never make it into port?


Focus on the process. Focus on the steps. Focus on the affirmation that you are making progress. Falling into a puddle and giving up is too easy in our comfortable world. We pat each other on the back and give ourselves a pass, again and again. But that little dream is still in there. It’s like a constant negative low lying fog, that keeps swirling around your feet but you can never put your finger on.

I encourage you, if you are ready to take put on your cleats and get your “A Game” on, I am ready to stand by your side and bring light to your path.

You may not have as many obstacles to advancement as you imagine. I have helped many executives get a razor sharp focus so that they can not only successfully manage the present but make huge strides to their goals. And that is a feeling like no other, when you are fully transparent working in the moment and actually feeling hope because of tangible progress. You get an elevated consciousness because you finally have the internal confirmation of what you have always felt deep down; that you are special and you have amazing dreams to fulfill.

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” Colin Powell

Steven D Brand travels around the globe assisting executives using success coaching in a variety of settings including offices and mountaintops. Steven D Brand offices are located in Historic Roswell, Georgia.