Abundance vs Scarcity Mindfulness

Which One Are You?

stressThere are two main mindsets that we can cultivate internally.

If you are unsure as to where you stand, ask yourself these questions.

Suppose you are in traffic and a guy in front of your very obviously cuts you off.
How do you react?

  • Do you yell and honk?
  • Do you think to yourself, “Why is he so much more important than me?”
  • Do you speed up and try to show him your frustration?
  • Or do you take a deep breath and let it go.
  • Maybe you tell yourself, “perhaps there is a true emergency”, “maybe that’s an old man and he doesn’t realize what he did?” or “maybe they are having a bad day, they got some bad news today”.

We can feel pressure, in our jobs, in our marriages. The daily ‘get it done’ can feel overwhelming to the point that we feel like we are walking cans of gasoline, a spark, any spark can set us to flame.

Why are our wicks so short?

And can we lengthen them?

Absolutely. But it is a purposeful mindset. And actually it doesn’t have to be that time consuming to change it.

Start Your Day Right!

Positive affirmations are extremely effective, even in short supply. In the morning, before you even throw back the duvet, say the following to yourself:

“I can handle today, I have the power within me. I am adequate enough. I can do all things that come at me today.”

Put it on a post it note, stick it to your bathroom mirror if have trouble remembering.

It may not seem like much but did you know the way you talk yourself determines your current mood? In fact self-talk good or bad is influential beyond today. There are long-term effects to both mindsets. Seriously! Try it a few days, change your inner syntax to a more positive encouraging tone and you will be amazed at how effective small changes can be.

Does your mindset focus on abundance vs scarcity?If you struggle finding any good at all in the world to be encouraged about start with a gratitude list. You maybe surprised that writing in a daily journal, three things you are thankful for can yield big results. If you can read this post, you can be grateful for your education, an internet connection, a computer to read from and a bed to sleep on. A fun game to play with your family if you are struggling with attitudes is to play the Gratitude Alphabet game, go down the alphabet and choose 26 things, i.e. A is for the Apple I had at lunch, B is for the blanket on my bed that keeps me warm, C is for coffee that is hot and delicious in morning, D is for my dog that is always cheerful no matter how mad I am. Do you get the picture?

And mornings aren’t the only time to try this. Before you go to sleep at night try clearing your head with these statements:

“Today is done. I will let it go. I have done my best.
Tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow is going to be great. I know I will succeed.”

Norman Vincent Peale wrote a great book about positive thinking, which is chock full of mind expanding quotes, I highly recommend it if you would like to learn more about mindfulness.

“When you expect the best, you release a magnetic force in your mind which by a law of attraction tends to bring the best to you.”  ― Norman Vincent Peale, The Power of Positive Thinking

Abundance vs scarcity consciousness are two vastly different mindsets.

Like it or not, we all have a daily decision to make.

Which radio station will you tune into mentally today?