Problem Solving in the Workplace-Executive Coaching Tips

Workplace issues require complex problem-solving skills because they involve multiple people, systems and ultimately a company’s bottom line. Here are my suggestions for effective problem solving in the workplace:
1. Meet. Find out who the problem and potential solutions will effect and include each party in the solution making process. Try to include the out-of-the box thinkers in your organization.
2. State. Before you begin to solve the problem, everyone involved in creating a solution needs to have a clear understanding of the issue and its ramifications for your company.
3. List. As a group, make a list of possible solutions. Be sure to include ideas that seem off the wall, they may open the door to innovation. Do not discuss the merits of each at this point just get them on the table.
4. Evaluate. This step may be the most crucial and laborious. It may require a second meeting to allow each party to research possible solutions, discuss ideas with experts or research case studies other companies with similar issues. For more complex problems, a consultant or research firm might be contacted.
5. Select, Document and Implement. Whether you put it to a vote or leave it up to a manager to decide, a good evaluation has already paved the way for a great decision. Be sure to put the decision in writing and give all parties access. After that, it is time to get to work!
6. Review. Your decision should include a timeline for evaluation and modification of the original goal. The best problem-solvers are the ones who can recognize when they have made a less favorable decision and are willing to go back and modify it.
If you have reached an impasse in your organization, my experience in executive coaching, group dynamics, and professional personnel training will be a valuable asset for your team problem-solving process. Contact me at 770-641-8726 to get started.

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