Fall Goals for Your Personal Therapy-A Fall Reboot

The final quarter of the year is a great time to reflect on what you have accomplished and to refresh and regroup before the bustle of the holidays. Here are my suggestions for a Fall Reboot:

  1. Spend some time alone – Solitude is an important nutrient for your spiritual, emotional and psychological health. When you step away from your daily routine, you can better focus on deeper things, rest, and solve problems. It also allows your mind room for creativity. Solitude might be a leisurely walk on a crisp autumn morning or journaling in a park with your favorite warm beverage. Also, be sure leave electronic devices powered off!
  2. Review and revise your 2014 goals –Hopefully you have already had a chance to renew your New Year’s Resolutions. Now, begin revising them in preparation for 2015. Ask yourself:
    • How did I do? Did I meet my goals?
    • If not, was my goal too ambitious? How can I make it more achievable in 2015?
    • If so, can I enhance my goals next year?
    • What new goals might I have?
  3. Make mental preparations for the holidays – The holiday season is undoubtedly busy. It can also be difficult. Depression and anxiety are very common. Prepare now by becoming mindful of your anxiety and depression triggers and make a plan to minimize the impact. Depending on your triggers, you can plan quiet time alone, find a mantra or scripture that helps you refocus, start a gratitude journal, make a budget or ask a friend to check in on you.
  4. Take a walk with a trusted advisor – Autumn is a great time to discuss goals and difficulties with someone you respect. If you do not have someone – now is the time to do a mentor search!

As the season transitions, I encourage you to spend time in personal reflection, outdoor recreation, and a revision of your personal goals. If you want to go deeper in this process, contact Steven Brand for an appointment.

Fall Goals for Personal Therapy








Steven Brand LCSW, ACSW, MSW/MPH, PC