Executive Coaching Explained

The corporate landscape is ever changing. New generations are entering the workforce, while many lifetime employees prepare for retirement. Our economy has endured a seismic shift with The Great Recession in the rearview mirror and a growing dependency on technology. With these transformations – companies and managers must learn to adapt to maintain their success. And that is where I come in. As an Executive Success Coach, I work to empower individuals and organizations to reach their maximum potential. How? We work together to revitalize their commitment to a personal or organizational vision by:

  1. Group Discussions – Executive Success Coaching includes workshops for groups, where I facilitate activities and discussions to help a department or team discover their potential for growth and unity. One of the most important components of Executive Success Coaching is Awareness. Once a group becomes aware of the issues hindering its growth and aware of the solutions available to remedy the problem, change is inevitable.
  2. Team Building. In addition to discussion, specially designed group interactions are used to replicate real world problems and possible solutions. These activities help build comradery and solidarity amongst team members.
  3. Conflict Resolution. Unresolved conflict can be the downfall of an effective organization. I offer personalized coaching sessions for groups or individuals facing conflict within an organization.
  4. Private Sessions. With individuals, I assist in discovering new strategies for leadership and management within the corporate setting. We also discuss avenues for career growth and optimization of skills and resources.

Coaching sessions are a proven retention tool for companies – they give employees an opportunity to “buy in” to the mission and vision of the company. By being included in the process of improving the company, employees feel valued. Improved productivity, greater profits and customer satisfaction are often the result. Sessions are also important for individuals to maintain focus and make intentional decisions for the betterment of their career goals. Check out what others have said about my career coaching workshops or contact me for a consultation.

Executive Coaching