Mindfulness In The Workplace

In the last couple of months we have worked around a common theme of being successful on the workplace. In order to achieve this goal of being successful in the workplace, we often have to overcome various obstacles. We have discussed working with toxic employees and working in an unsuitable work environment, but know I want to discuss how to stay mindful in the workplace. Mindfulness has been a buzzword as of late, and for good reason. We live in a society where our attention is being divided on multiple fronts simultaneously. The brain has almost no time to relax, recharge, and focus. This overload of brain stimulation can often times be at its highest point in the workplace. This can be a problem if you are trying to be productive, efficient, and satisfied while you work. Mindfulness is about being in the present moment and not being distracted by thinking of the future, dwelling on the past, or letting all of your daily activities run your life and leave you just trying to catch up. I want to give you five easy tips for staying mindful at your workplace. These tips are not add-ons to your already packed day but rather, a way of taking purposeful pauses to experience your present moment throughout the day. This will help you relax, recharge, stay focus, and help you to be satisfied with your work, as you become the best version of yourself that you can be.


mindfulness in the office



1) Start your own day rather than letting your day start you. Begin every day by noticing your sensations of breath for a few breaths before hopping out of bed in the morning. Just take a few deep breaths and focus on all the sensations throughout your body.


2) Make the most of your transition time. When you are driving to and from work choose a couple of days where you don’t listen to the radio or talk on the phone. When you get to work, give yourself a few moments to sit in the car and notice every breath.


3) Nourishment. Be mindful as you eat your lunch. Pay close attention to the colors, the texture, the taste, and the smells of your food.


4) Simply Walk. When you are walking between meetings or from one hall to the other don’t text or email. Feel your feet on the floor, the air on your skin, and the possibility of greeting a coworker rather than being absent minded or walking in to them as you text. Also, if it is possible try to take a couple 2-5 minute breaks to walk throughout your day.


5) Sit at your desk. While you wait for your computer to turn on or while you are waiting for the coffee to brew, just sit at your desk and notice all the sensations in your body as you simply sit and wait.


Try at least one of these each day and build from there. What do you notice? What other times during your day can you practice mindfulness? These are times of practicing mindfulness will help during “game time”, and will come naturally when life gets truly hectic!