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Fall Goals for Your Personal Therapy-A Fall Reboot

Written by Steven Brand on . Posted in Blog

The final quarter of the year is a great time to reflect on what you have accomplished and to refresh and regroup before the bustle of the holidays. Here are my suggestions for a Fall Reboot:

  1. Spend some time alone – Solitude is an important nutrient for your spiritual, emotional and psychological health. When you step away from your daily routine, you can better focus on deeper things, rest, and solve problems. It also allows your mind room for creativity. Solitude might be a leisurely walk on a crisp autumn morning or journaling in a park with your favorite warm beverage. Also, be sure leave electronic devices powered off!
  2. Review and revise your 2014 goals –Hopefully you have already had a chance to renew your New Year’s Resolutions. Now, begin revising them in preparation for 2015. Ask yourself:
    • How did I do? Did I meet my goals?
    • If not, was my goal too ambitious? How can I make it more achievable in 2015?
    • If so, can I enhance my goals next year?
    • What new goals might I have?
  3. Make mental preparations for the holidays – The holiday season is undoubtedly busy. It can also be difficult. Depression and anxiety are very common. Prepare now by becoming mindful of your anxiety and depression triggers and make a plan to minimize the impact. Depending on your triggers, you can plan quiet time alone, find a mantra or scripture that helps you refocus, start a gratitude journal, make a budget or ask a friend to check in on you.
  4. Take a walk with a trusted advisor – Autumn is a great time to discuss goals and difficulties with someone you respect. If you do not have someone – now is the time to do a mentor search!

As the season transitions, I encourage you to spend time in personal reflection, outdoor recreation, and a revision of your personal goals. If you want to go deeper in this process, contact Steven Brand for an appointment.

Fall Goals for Personal Therapy








Steven Brand LCSW, ACSW, MSW/MPH, PC


Executive Coaching Explained

Written by Steven Brand on . Posted in Blog

The corporate landscape is ever changing. New generations are entering the workforce, while many lifetime employees prepare for retirement. Our economy has endured a seismic shift with The Great Recession in the rearview mirror and a growing dependency on technology. With these transformations – companies and managers must learn to adapt to maintain their success. And that is where I come in. As an Executive Success Coach, I work to empower individuals and organizations to reach their maximum potential. How? We work together to revitalize their commitment to a personal or organizational vision by:

  1. Group Discussions – Executive Success Coaching includes workshops for groups, where I facilitate activities and discussions to help a department or team discover their potential for growth and unity. One of the most important components of Executive Success Coaching is Awareness. Once a group becomes aware of the issues hindering its growth and aware of the solutions available to remedy the problem, change is inevitable.
  2. Team Building. In addition to discussion, specially designed group interactions are used to replicate real world problems and possible solutions. These activities help build comradery and solidarity amongst team members.
  3. Conflict Resolution. Unresolved conflict can be the downfall of an effective organization. I offer personalized coaching sessions for groups or individuals facing conflict within an organization.
  4. Private Sessions. With individuals, I assist in discovering new strategies for leadership and management within the corporate setting. We also discuss avenues for career growth and optimization of skills and resources.

Coaching sessions are a proven retention tool for companies – they give employees an opportunity to “buy in” to the mission and vision of the company. By being included in the process of improving the company, employees feel valued. Improved productivity, greater profits and customer satisfaction are often the result. Sessions are also important for individuals to maintain focus and make intentional decisions for the betterment of their career goals. Check out what others have said about my career coaching workshops or contact me for a consultation.

Executive Coaching

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes Can Blindside Us

Written by Steven Brand on . Posted in Blog

Autumn is approaching. With that there is one guarantee: Change.

Your first child could be starting Kindergarten or your last one could be going off to college.

You may be beginning a new job, going through a tough phase of life or just preparing for the rhythm of shorter days.

When we are not prepared for it, even positive change can blindside us. Here are five intentional adjustments that can help you thrive during life’s transitions:

Screaming Lady Frustrated

  1. Reinforce your Support System. Surrounding yourself with joyful, resourceful or helpful friends and family can be one of the most important decisions you make. Have lunch with a friend, a long phone conversation with a family member, or find a mentor who has already been through the same type of change you are experiencing.


  1. Exercise, Eat Healthy and Rest. This may go without saying, but change can be distracting and neglecting healthy choices can exacerbate the problem. Staying healthy will help keep your body and mind in check.


  1. Take time to Reflect. Recognizing possible stressors or giving time to observe your thoughts about your situation can be therapeutic. This may include keeping a journal, taking a quiet walk in the park, saying a prayer or just pausing to observe your inner thoughts.


  1. Be an Active Thinker. It is important to make the choice to focus on the positive aspects of life change. This involves active decision making and staying alert to rewire your negative thought patterns.


  1. Connect to Something Larger than Yourself. A great way to move out of a difficult time is to help someone else. Make time to volunteer somewhere, make a meal for a sick friend, or become a mentor for someone else who is also facing change.


Sometimes the stress of transition is more than we can handle in 5 simple steps. Steven Brand would love to help you with more in-depth processing and setting goals to achieve your personal best. To schedule an appointment, call him at (770) 641-8726.

Marriage Resources from Steve Brand

Written by Steven Brand on . Posted in Blog

Marriage Resources from Steven Brand

If you have been married for very long, chances are you have faced a marital crisis of some sort. Sometimes they are big events, sometimes silent misunderstandings or missed expectations. Even if you have not experienced crisis, you probably still see opportunities for improvement. A good marriage is a process that takes work and dedication. Here are some resources I have gathered for married couples – I think you will find them useful, no matter where your marriage stands today!

  1. Smart Marriages – This website maintains that healthy and lasting marriages take skill, they are not something that happens by accident. You can explore this website for tips about improving your marriage. If you are considering a divorce – you will want to check out this website first!
  2. The Gottman Institute – If you are interested in a scientific perspective of marriage – this website offers seminars, CDs and other resources. The methods are based on research of thousands of couples. In addition to basic marriage tips, the website also offers some iPhone apps that you can use to interact with your spouse.
  3. – The National Healthy Marriage Resource Center offers great relationship education resources for couples, including articles, videos and quizzes that will help you make good choices that will lead to a healthy marriage.
  4. My Wedding Wisdom Videos – These are short videos that include quick, easy to swallow marriage advice from me! I filmed these as part of a local wedding show, but I think you will find them helpful to your own life.

Marriage Counselor Roswell Ga

If your marriage is past the point of small snippets of advice and you feel you need an intervention to make it work, please do not hesitate to contact me, Steven Brand, at 770-641-8726. I offer an intensive three day, 20-hour intervention to save, restore and refresh marital trust.

What is Wilderness Coaching?

Written by Steven Brand on . Posted in Blog

In past blogs, I have talked briefly about my being The Wilderness Coach. I want to tell you more about what that means and how it could help you, your family and your career.

Have you ever taken a trip to a cabin in the mountains or a hike in the woods and afterwards felt rejuvenated, recharged and ready to go again? I sure have! Out of this rejuvenation I would feel after hikes in the mountains, the idea of Life Strategy Expeditions was born and I soon became the “The Wilderness Coach.”

Wilderness Coaching with Steven D. Brand

There’s something peaceful, powerful and serene about scenery like this alpine lake. This is a picture from one of the Adventure Travel Coaching treks I took clients on and it was an amazing, life-changing experience for everyone involved. A Life Strategy Expedition combines outdoor adventure and executive coaching on an invigorating experiential journey where you unplug from the stress produced by being too connected with all the information and gadgetry of modern life .

To simplify in three words we go in/out/up……INWARD by doing some courageous self-exploration using a personal, yet scientific online assessment, OUTWARD into the Great Outdoors where vigorous exercise, fresh air and epic scenery crystallize our passions and dreams, and UPWARD to a new level in personal achievement, quality of your relationships and a rewarding new career trajectory.

On our expedition, we will take in breathtaking scenery, experience solitude that we can’t get in our every day life, rigorous exercise and through it all, I will be there to lead and guide you to help you to utilize the creative and rejuvenating power of nature to connect with your truest self. We will work together to help you realize your personal “highest and best use.”

The goals of the Life Strategy Expedition are wrapped up in what I call the 5 E’s:

    breath-taking scenery, vigorous exercise, clean air, excellent cuisine and the exhilarating power of the outdoors.
    your lifestyle and reorganize your priorities by living in an intentional manner, according to your cherished values.
    life-changing decisions that will alter the course of your future from a one-dimensional focus to a multi-dimensional, balanced success.
    your significant relationships and enhance your life with a new career trajectory.
    a redefined routine prepared to overcome the obstacles that erode your priorities.

If you are feeling the need to regroup, reevaluate and/or reexamine your life, wilderness coaching with Steven would be a great opportunity for you. By combining the natural outdoor beauty, the endorphins of vigorous exercise and the seasoned counsel of The Wilderness Coach™ you will be able to listen to your inner voice, capture creative thoughts and plan a more intentional, balanced future.

Call Steven at 770-641-8726 if you want to learn more about wilderness coaching. Put your Adventure Travel Coaching expedition on the calendar today. Get all the details at

Therapy vs Coaching-What’s The Difference?

Written by Steven Brand on . Posted in Blog

Therapy vs. Coaching-What’s the Difference?

When you look at my website, you will see that I work as both a psychotherapist Roswell and an executive and wilderness coach. Although both work towards the same goal of empowering you to be a better you, the approaches are different in a few ways.


Therapy is a great tool for many individuals. Unresolved issues and feelings often drive therapy and the goal is to help you work past these. This is done by working in the past to explore the root of problems and by looking at the present to reduce symptoms or destructive patterns. The goal of therapy is to achieve understanding and emotional healing. My focus is on individual, marriage and family therapy. In our therapy sessions, I work from the premise of “the truth will set you free.” I believe that discovering truths in yourself, your marriage or family, help you to overcome major hurdles and work toward healing.


Coaching is also a very helpful tool for many. Unlike therapy, coaching often begins with the present and helps you in setting very clear and specific goals to achieve in the future. Although the past might be discussed, it would only be in discovering what is keeping you from moving forward. The focus is on action, not necessarily on insight or understanding. Coaching is not as much about fixing a problem, but helping you get out of your comfort zone and learning to get more out of your life. I specialize as both an Executive Success Coach and The Wilderness Coach. Executive coaching works to empower individuals and organizations to reach their maximum potential by revitalizing a commitment to a vision for either self or the organization. Wilderness Coaching uses the amazing, rejuvenating power of nature to help individuals connect with their truest self by looking inward to connect with and actualize your dreams.

Whether through therapy or Executive or Wilderness Coaching, my ultimate goal is to help you be your best self. If you want to take steps toward personal growth, but don’t know which path would best suit your needs, call me at (770) 641-8726 and we can together decide what path you should take.

Steven Brand: Psychotherapist, Wilderness Coach and Executive Success Coach

Written by Steven Brand on . Posted in Blog

Steve Brand: Psychotherapist, The Wilderness Coach and Executive Success Coach

We all have times in our lives when we struggled to get out of a “rut”, when we need some help getting traction and achieving positive momentum. For this reason, Steve Brand decided to study social work at Boston University and start a career as a  psychotherapist,  Wilderness Coach and Executive Coach.  He enjoys helping people grow stronger through whatever struggles they might be facing and does this by building a relationship that helps to speed the healing, growing and coaching  process to get you to a new, more dynamic equilibrium.

Steve has over 30 years in leading, mentoring, counseling and coaching. He opened his private psychotherapist office, Great Therapy, in Roswell, GA in 1999. He uses a blend of both cognitive and behavioral therapies and uses the fundamental premise of “the truth will set you free.”  When you visit Steve’s office, you are promised emphatic listening and the goal of working towards being your personal best. As a psychotherapist, Steve specializes in relationship issues, depression and marital therapy. Here is one of Steve’s most popular videos and a great example about the kind of therapist he is.  It is a video about dealing with in-laws in a marriage (are we surprised this is one of his most popular videos?):

We mentioned above that Steve is also The Wilderness Coach and you are probably asking yourself, “what exactly is that?”  Let’s go back to the beginning:  when Steve was young, he always enjoyed and was impassioned by being outdoors.  As life took over, his time in the wilderness of the mountains dwindled.  Later in life, he moved to Atlanta, and was inspired to get back outdoors from a colleague and rediscovered his love of the wilderness.  Not more than a year later, Steve began his private practice and decided to dedicate four days to his clients there and use his Fridays to go to the mountains.  After realizing how rejuvenated and energized he felt after these escapes to the wilderness, the idea of Life Strategy Expeditions was born.  He began to take other men on these trips to show them the rejuvenating power the outdoors could have and soon branded himself “The Wilderness Coach” and these expeditions began to have live-changing impact.  Steve now leads regular expeditions throughout the world where he provides a unique combination of outdoor adventure and success coaching through a personal retreat known as a Life Strategy Expedition. To learn more about these amazing expeditions, see his website at

Steve is based in Roswell, GA and wants to help you “Invest in yourself, your marriage and your family.”  To schedule an appointment to meet with or to talk about a Life Strategy Expedition, call him at (770) 641-8726.

Steven Brand, LCSW, MSWMPH
12 Norcross St #215
Roswell, GA  30075